BNB Token

Binance is built around the BNB ecosystem token. BNB allows traders to save on trading fees as well as participate in the growth and success of the Binance exchange through quarterly token burns.

A total of 200m BNB tokens have been created, which acts as a maximum supply cap. The Binance BNB token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is an ERC-20 token.

Every quarter Binance burns BNB tokens based on their exchange revenue. This will continue until 50% of BNBs have been burned, leaving a maximum of 100m BNBs as the circulating supply.

Fees On Binance

Binance has very competitive fees for a cryptocurrency exchange. The Binance fee schedule is available here.

Bitcoin Price – Binance

The current price of BTC on Binance is: 6,303.61 USDr